Athena Digital Design is currently accepting applications for our
Student Advisory Board for Spring 2017!
Members of the Student Advisory Board take leadership positions on the agency startup team to manage ADDA Agency and Academy in various capacities ranging from project management, finance, marketing, to much more. 

We are accepting Barnard students who are currently enrolled and have taken at least one of our ADDA courses. Please note that we will NOT accept students who are graduating this semester.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
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Please include name of organization, number of hours per week or month, position, and responsibilities.
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Listed below are the descriptions of the teams within the agency:

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Academy Team works with instructors to improve the curriculum and ensure ADDA classes are teaching relevant and worthwhile topics.

- Standardizes curriculum of ADDA classes
- Supports students while they are in the program
- Selects software and creates learning goals
- Sets the standards for web development in the final project

Agency Team connects clients with agency member to build and/or maintain website.


- Maintains correspondence with prospective clients
- Fields client and student questions about the agency
- Run workshops for agency members

The Financial Team develops and manages the joint Agency/Academy budget and finances. 

- Acts as a liaison with the Athena Center
- Ensures that the organization's operations are properly funded
- Contributes to the evolution of the agency's business strategy

Marketing Team promotes ADDA web development classes and markets for the agency to prospective clients and students

- Maintains the website
- Manages agency recruitment
- Fields press inquiries

Scale team
is part of the Marketing Team and has responsibilities:
- Develops new lines of ADDA business 
- Engages with ADDA alumnae through newsletters and other forms of outreach

Operations Team takes care of all administrative tasks that impact the experience of the students in the Academy and pertain to the cohesion among the various parts of ADDA.

- Ensures student satisfaction
- Runs orientation for students and agency members

Recruitment Team manages the recruitment process for all ADDA academy students, agency members, and student advisory board. 

- Creates application forms and rubrics
- Manages ADDA website and social media related to recruitment
- Evaluates ADDA academy student's final websites 
Plans ADDA academy semsterly graduation
- Verifies and update ADDA student member list (also renews ADDA membership)

Which team would you like to join? *

Select as many teams as you wish to apply for. You can be in more than one team. If you are accepted, you will not be required to commit to the team(s) you have applied for and may switch teams.

What can you bring to the team? *

Please limit to 150 words. You may include your strong qualities with focus on team and community building.
Why do you want to join our team? What do you wish to gain from being a part of our team?

Please limit to 150 words.
By submitting this application, I am aware I will need to go through an interview process. I am also aware that if I am accepted into the Student Advisory Board, there are meetings every 2 weeks and I will try my best to attend every meeting.

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